Consultation Services are a Collaboration Between the Psychologist and Client

Consultation is meeting together or gathering information to support a psychological intervention.  It can take many different forms: 

  • Meeting or speaking with outside agencies on our client’s behalf (including schools and universities)
  • Conducting interviewing to define the issue (s) and next steps
  • Educating a client on a specific issue or coaching as a follow-up to an assessment’s results (e.g., helping a child/teen to understand their strengths and challenges; empowering an adult to self-advocate at the university-level). 

Parenting Support is Usually Offered in Conjunction with Other Services

Our psychologists are able to provide parenting support. Often times parenting support is requested when a child is experiencing difficulties in the areas described below, so it is offered in conjunction with other services. 

 Behaviour Plans can be Developed to Help Your Child at Home and School

Our psychologists are able to complete functional assessments of your child’s behaviour. A Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) helps to determine which behaviours are concerning and identify the purpose of the behaviours. Identifying these behaviours helps the psychologist to develop a Behaviour Plan to improve behavioural difficulties in the home. Suggestions can also be provided to support behavioural challenges at school. 


Emotional Regulation Difficulties can be Challenging for Parents to Deal with Alone

Some children have difficulty dealing with feelings and emotions such as anger, frustration, excitement and sadness. We can support your child with emotional regulation difficulties. Our psychologists can provide support to parents/guardians so that they are better equipped to help their child with these challenges at home.  Direct support can also be provided by teaching self-regulation strategies to the child.

Social Skills can be Evaluated and Taught Directly

Support can be provided to children to help improve social skills. Our psychologists are able to evaluate areas that require development and teach skills one-on-one or in small group settings.

ADHD Coaching can Improve Daily Functioning for Young People with ADHD

We are able to help teens and young adults with ADHD by identifying areas of their life that require support and providing coaching to make improvements. The focus will be on improving daily functioning by targeting organizational skills, problem-solving, maintaining relationships, setting goals and helping individuals to meet deadlines.

Advocacy and Support can be Provided to Individuals with Disabilities

Our psychologists have an understanding of learning, cognition, and adaptative functioning. We can provide support and advocacy for individuals with learning disabilities, ADHD, and intellectual delays/disabilities. With a focus on improving daily functioning, we can develop plans and provide consultation to workplaces and other agencies.