Our Rates Align with Other Psychological Practices in Nova Scotia

Private psychological services are not covered by MSI, but services are often covered in part by most insurance companies. The current rate for psychological service in Nova Scotia is $190/hour. This rate is set by the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia (APNS). Our rate aligns with other psychological practices in Nova Scotia.

If you are not seeking diagnostic work and are interested in counselling services, your therapeutic needs or that of your loved one can be met by a Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT) or Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC).  Covered by most insurance, RCTs and CCCs fees are set at between $100-120.00 per professional hour.  RCTs and CCCs are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health issues but do not provide diagnoses.  Rather, RCTs and CCCs can help clients track and/or recognize when further diagnosis and treatment is needed through a family doctor or another professional.

Unlike psychologists who are trained to diagnosis within a competency area, our RCT and CCC therapists engage in ‘movement work’.  ‘Movement work’ is a therapeutic focus on getting clients ‘unstuck’ from current challenges rather than ‘naming’ or ’labelling’ the dysfunction pattern.

When seeing an RCT or CCC, the therapeutic goals are focused on immediately and practically increasing a client’s sense of purpose, adaptive functioning and sense of well-being. Types of assessment such as suicide risk assessment, mental health screening or career assessment can also be conducted.  Our therapists are skilled at working with clients across the lifespan including young children, teens, young adults, couples and families.

Both services are HST-exempt (tax free) since they are considered health-related services.

We Provide a Free Estimate of the Cost of Services in Advance

For both psychologists and counsellors providing counselling or consultation services, time is billed on a professional hour which is 50 minutes in duration (10 minutes are provided for documentation of the service).

Other services, such as assessment or career counselling, require an estimate of hours needed/approximate cost in advance. If you come to Spirit seeking assessment for yourself or for your child/teen, an estimate will be provided for you to consider before the commencement of that service. A typical comprehensive psycho-educational assessment in our practice takes 12-15 hours billed at $190/hour ($2200-$2800). A typical career assessment involves about 8-10 hours billed at a rate of $120/hour ($960-$1200).


We Direct Bill Services When Possible

We currently direct bill for most insurers including Medavie/Blue Cross (including VAC, RCMP, CAF), Great West Life and others. Clients seeking services without insurance coverage or through an insurer we cannot direct bill are provided with a receipt that they can directly submit to their insurance provider for reimbursement.

As of June 26th, 2020, as part of the Canadian government’s efforts to respond to the mental health needs of individuals, couples and families of COVID-19, RCTs in Nova Scotia are now temporarily covered at 100% through the Public Services Health Care Plan (PSHCP).  The PSHCP is the plan provided to both provincial and federal employees, their families and dependents.  At Spirit Psychological, we are able to provide support to you and your child, family, partner with 100% reimbursement after your paid invoice submission.

Further to our June 26 update on the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP), we are pleased to inform you that we have received confirmation from both Treasury Board and Sun Life that counsellors (RCTs in NS, LCTs in NB and CCCs in unregulated provinces) are now included in the temporary measure.

For assessment services, payments can be scheduled in instalments or paid at the end of the service provision (i.e., when the assessment results are shared). Most often, our clients choose to pay after an assessment is completed for ease of billing and reimbursement.

Most individuals self-refer to our practice, however, some insurers require a physician’s note before engaging our services. Please clarify your insurance coverage and appropriate documentation before making an appointment with us.

Fees for services that are not covered by insurance can be claimed as medical expenses at tax time.


University students are encouraged to check their school health plans as many plans cover expenses for counselling and assessment. Please seek out further information about how to apply through the Accessibility Services office at your local university.

Post-secondary students with a Learning Disability diagnosis might be eligible to have some assessment fees reimbursed through the Canada Student Grant.

Speech and Language Services are Often Covered by Health Plans

Speech-Language assessment and therapy services are billed at a rate of $110/hour. Most health plans cover SLP services and clients do not require a doctor’s referral to make an appointment. These services can also be direct billed when possible.