Counselling is the skilled and principled use of a relationship to assist a client to develop self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth, as well as guidance to learn how to use one’s strengths optimally.  The way counselling ‘looks’ or ‘feels’ varies according to the client’s needs. Whether the concern is worry/anxiety, low mood/depression, emotional regulation, social skills, relationship difficulties (e.g., teen friendships), parenting strategies or other challenges affecting everyday function, counselling can help.


Career Counselling / Assessment​

Beginning in 2020, our practice will be offering career counselling/assessment to assist younger and older adults who are struggling to create a beginning career path that brings engagement, fulfillment and a sense of purpose.  Valuable at any stage in a person’s career experiences, career counselling can be especially helpful for young adults aged 17+ who have tried university or college without success or a sense of direction they had hoped for.  Follow-up consultation and help with building self-advocacy skills is a part of every career counselling/assessment we conduct.

Career assessment and/or counselling uses information about a client’s work-related skills and abilities (aptitudes) alongside interests, education, physical limitations and cognitive (thinking and reasoning) skills to clarify potential career paths.  A career assessment can:

  • Provide a list of suitable jobs that match a client’s aptitude and learning profile
  • Provide suggestions about well-matched training or educational programs
  • Provide recommendations that may improve school and/or workplace functioning
  • Describe why an individual may or may not be able to perform a job