At Spirit, one of our main priorities is ensuring our client’s comfort but we communicate it differently than most private practices. As helping professionals who work with all ages, we know that when a client feels safe and comfortable, healing work can begin. 

Our therapeutic spaces are designed with this in mind so that you can come in and curl up on a couch, grab a blanket or sit on a cozy carpet by a warm ‘fireplace’. We seek to have non-clinical spaces that feel like home. 

Parents, do not worry, our spaces are family-friendly with toys and activities to occupy younger clients in and out of our offices and free WiFi for everyone else! And yes, we consider a child/teen or young adult in cozy pajamas, with breakfast in hand, perfectly acceptable for an assessment or counselling session.

Our office has free parking available and is close to amenities like shopping, and eating establishments. If you choose to stay on-site during your child’s appointment, let us know ahead and we can arrange a comfortable space for you to relax and/or work while you wait.